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Chip Patents LLC: Semiconductor Patent Prior Art and Evidence of Use Support Services

IC Microanalysis LLC was originally formed by Mr. David York in Phoenix, Arizona in 2004 to provide hands-on semiconductor laboratory micro analysis services.

To better serve the needs of the company's changing client base and their evolving project needs, the company focus was changed to providing independent semiconductor technology and patent research and analysis support to consulting firms, corporate attorneys, law firms and patent-monetization support firms seeking specialized technical assistance with their litigation, licensing and arbitration projects.

In 2011, the company relocated to Columbus, Ohio and was renamed Chip Patents LLC to better reflect the increasing emphasis on semiconductor (chips) patent research and analysis services.

Today, Chip Patents LLC is focused on providing technical patent and document review and analysis, prior art research assistance, evidence-of-use document review/analysis and preparation, serving as a technical liaison between clients and external analysis laboratories, evidence retrieval, and providing technical and historical first-person witness support for ICE Corporation public SCA/SUB reports.

All work is performed in the United States by Mr. David York, founder of Chip Patents and IC Microanalysis LLC. Mr. York has over 38 years experience in the semiconductor technology industry (see Profile below).

Business Operations Support Services

Chip Patents LLC  also currently shares it's decades of business and operations management, technical communications, website content/design, marketing and social networking experience with other small start-up Sole Proprietors/Limited Liability Companies (LLC's) (doing business in a wide range of different fields) through it's hourly (special hourly rates apply) Business Operations Support Services (contact us for more information). 

One example current client of the part-time Business Operations Support Services is COPE2Thrive LLC, a small health and wellness-related startup (see example tasks/accomplishments).




All work is charged at the below hourly rates based upon the requested work (additional fees may be applicable*)

Technical Research, Analysis, EOU Document Prep: $195/hour (US Dollars)

  • Technical and patent document research and analysis
  • EOU document preparation and review
  • On-site and off-site research and information retrieval
  • Lab analysis support, technical interface, evidence chain-of-custody

Report Review, Analysis, Witness Statement: $295/hour (US Dollars)

  • ICE SCA/SUB report consulting, review and analysis
  • EOU document preparation and review (ICE SCA/SUB)
  • Witness statement/document and report preparation

Testimony, Deposition, Rehearsal/Preparation: $395/hour (US Dollars)

  • Deposition or trial-related testimony
  • Related meetings, preparation, rehearsal, waiting time

Business Operations Support Services: $40/hour (US Dollars) plus costs (software, images, advertising, cloud-based software, printing, etc.)

*Additional Fees:

  • Travel time to and from destination is charged at the above applicable hourly rate based upon the purpose of the trip.
  • Rates do not include client-approved transportation (airfare, car rental, cab or metro fees), lodging and food.


  • Invoices are provided at the end of each month (long-term projects) or upon completion (short-term projects).
  • Payments are due upon receipt and subject to a 20% late fee after 30 days.
  • Travel and lodging costs must be prepaid or provided by client.
  • Delivery times vary depending upon request.

Consultant Profile


When Experience Matters

David York

Dave with Hat.jpg

Mr. David York began his semiconductor analysis career in 1979 with Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation (also known as ICE Corporation), a well respected Scottsdale, Arizona-based independent quality, failure, competitive, and intellectual property analysis laboratory and market research firm. His positions at ICE included Vice President of Intellectual Property Analysis Services, Vice President of Laboratory Services, and Manager of Laboratory Services Group.

ICE's Laboratory Services Group was at the forefront of independent semiconductor structural tear downs for over thirty-five years, with a reputation for delivering a high quality, customer-responsive analysis. Clients included many major semiconductor manufacturers and users, corporate law departments and law firms. Annual sales of the lab exceeded $2 million. Many of these reports were publicly available and to this day are frequently selected by attorneys for use as prior art documentation in litigation and licensing cases.

As a hands-on Engineer, Manager, and Vice President of the company's analytical laboratory for twenty-one years, David developed comprehensive sample preparation and reverse engineering experience, analytical equipment operation skills, and detailed technical knowledge of a wide variety of leading edge products and processes from diverse manufacturers. He has comprehensive first-hand experience in all phases of structural laboratory tear down analysis, from hands-on laboratory sample preparation and reverse engineering techniques, to technical and personnel management of competitive and patent-related projects.

Mr. York subsequently served as Manager of Process Analysis for Chipworks, USA (acquired ICE Corporation), where he continued to provide analytical services to support the intellectual property and engineering client base until the Scottsdale location was relocated to Ottawa, Canada.

During his 24 years at ICE and Chipworks USA, Mr. York not only studied the idealized technical device section drawings in text books, but personally produced, analyzed, and interpreted cross sections of finished semiconductor structures and devices as far back as 1979, making him a unique historical and technical resource for legal issues dealing with older technologies. He provided reverse engineering services to support technology-related litigation, licensing, prior art and competitive intelligence for domestic and international law firms and corporate clients. He has a unique combination of engineering skills and comprehensive expertise for understanding and interpreting patents. He has assisted major corporations in successfully building very lucrative patent licensing programs, transforming patent portfolios into revenue-generating products.

Mr. York has extensive personal knowledge of older MOS, CMOS, BiCMOS and Bipolar semiconductor processes and device structures, but also has the ability to quickly and effectively research and understand diverse new technologies when required by a project. He has reviewed and analyzed thousands of patents and technical documents covering a wide variety of products and processes, and has developed an aptitude to quickly comprehend technical and inventive aspects of a patent. He has been deposed as a factual witness and has served as a technical expert on an arbitration panel managed by the American Arbitration Association. This particular case lasted approximately 2.5 years and he devoted 422 hours to complete the case.  In addition, he has supported evidence utilized in cases before the International Trade Commission.

List of Accomplishments



Mr. York is also currently providing hourly business operations management support for a small health and wellness start-up.

If you are interested in learning more about how Mr. York might be able to help with your small start-up, contact us here (special hourly rate structure applies).

Employment History

Patent Analyst, Subject Matter Expert, Technical Writer; Chip Patents LLC, Columbus, OH; 2011 - present
• Provide technical patent review, and prior art research and analysis.
• Develop new and review existing Evidence-of-Use documents to support licensing, infringement, monetization, and procurement activities.
• Serve as first-person technical/historical resource for supporting the introduction of the Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation (ICE) SCA and SUB public process analysis reports into infringement, licensing and arbitration cases. 
• Provide prior art and evidence retrieval at remote locations.
Patent Analyst and Subject Matter Expert; IC Microanalysis LLC, Phoenix, AZ; 2004 – 2011
• Performed technical patent portfolio analysis to quickly understand, categorize, and summarize unique features.
• Located relevant patent and non-patent literature using various search strategies and software tools.
• Served as a technical expert on an arbitration panel overseeing a contract dispute involving patent licensing.
• Heard oral arguments and testimony at hearings, reviewed motions, and provided impartial analysis and decisions on discovery disputes, claim construction, validity, infringement, and contract interpretation.
Manager, Process Analysis; Chipworks, USA (Acquired ICE); Scottsdale, AZ; 2001 - 2003
• Independently directed and coordinated all U.S. - based operations of analytical services department.
• Ensured smooth transition to and compliance with new corporate operating procedures by motivating staff.
• Minimized duplication of effort by integrating key department operating functions with new corporate office.
• Maintained high product quality and customer service throughout 9-month transition of U.S. operations to Canada.
Vice President, Intellectual Property Services; Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation; Scottsdale, AZ; 1998 – 2000
• Supported a wide range of competitive, quality, licensing, and patent analysis projects and programs.
• Developed a focused services division to support a quickly expanding intellectual property client base.
• Provided expert testimony in multiple infringement cases in support of laboratory evidence.
• Assisted with archiving of reports for inclusion in Smithsonian Chip History Exhibit
Manager, Laboratory Services; Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation; Scottsdale, AZ; 1984 – 1998
• Provided operations and technical management of $3 million analytical services department employing 12 analysts with annual sales of $2.5 million. Actively performed laboratory analysis of products in addition to managerial duties.
• Directed laboratory analysis of real-world semiconductor products in support of evidence of use investigations.
• Responded to changing client priorities and evolving market conditions by re-inventing products and processes.
• Reduced costs and increased profitability by developing processes that maximized usage of existing equipment.
Laboratory Analyst/Engineer; Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation; Scottsdale, AZ; 1979 – 1984
• Performed laboratory analysis on a wide range of products in support of competitive and patent investigations.
• Decapsulated samples, selectively removed layers, cross-sectioned die/packages, wrote technical reports.
• Reviewed patents to determine analysis required to show patented feature.

Technical semiconductor research and evidence collection from in-house technical library or customer-selected off-site locations.
Technical interface/liaison between client and outside laboratory to monitor and direct analysis, report results, and protect product/evidence chain-of-custody.
Reviewing opponent's/patent holder's Evidence-of-Use (EOU) document to evaluate technical strength/weakness.

Education and Specialized Training

  • Bachelors degree, Technical Communications; Arizona State University. Graduated summa cum laude.
  • Associates degree, Electronics Engineering; Stark State College. Graduated with high distinction.
  • EAST and WEST Search Tool Training - US Patent and Trademark Office, Alexandria, VA
  • Patent Review and Classification - Chipworks USA
  • State Bar of Arizona's American Arbitration Association (AAA) Private Arbitration Update Seminar - 2009
  • Design of Experiments - ICE Corporation
  • Integrated Circuit Fabrication and Status of the Industry - ICE Corporation

Specialized Analytical Experience

  • Chemical and mechanical decapsulation
  • Optical inspection and imaging
  • Chemical and plasma-based delayering
  • Selective package and die metallurgical cross-sectioning
  • Chemical feature enhancement
  • Feature size and layer thickness measurements
  • FESEM sample preparation
  • High-resolution FESEM inspection and imaging
  • Fabrication process, device structure and circuit reverse engineering

Deposition Experience

Deposed as a technical expert in support of laboratory results in the following cases:

  • Atari vs. Nintendo, 1992 - Re: 10NES ROM source code.
  • Neomagic vs. Trident, 1999 - Re: Circuit substrate power biasing.
  • Ericsson vs. Harris, 2000 - Re: Fabrication process-telephone power circuit.
  • Provided written Witness Statements in support of Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation public SCA/SUB Reports content for disputes before the International Trade Commission (ITC) and district courts.


  • Successful Technologies Review, 2001 - Summary and comparison of new integrated circuit process technologies. Published in 2001 by Chipworks.
  • Interlevel Dielectric (ILD) and Metallization Technologies Focused Technology Review. Published in 2001 by Chipworks.
  • Wrote thousands of claim charts, Evidence of Use documents, competitive product analysis reports, quality construction analysis reports, infringement analysis reports, and reverse engineering reports on a wide range of products. 1979 - 2017.